We regularly review our fees to ensure you invest in the absolute highest quality dental treatment set at the most competitive rates in North London. Our fees list, from June 1st 2020 is below.

Our highly experienced team, with over fourty years of treating patients combined will provide you with a treatment plan with an estimate at your initial consultation  – so you know exactly what the overall fee is from the outset.

We accept all health care insurance policies including Denplan, WPA, Aviva, Axa, Allianz, Cigna and Bupa. We accept most credit cards and debit cards (excluding American Express).


DENTAL EXAMINIATION (New Patients and regular attenders) - £50 


***Note-(All cases with a written report or form filling ready for insurance claims - £60-£75 depends on information required)

SCALE & POLISH with ultrasonic machine and stain removal. (Hygiene appointment) £85 per visit which includes tailored oral hygiene advice and demonstrations if needed.

Addtional sessions may be required depending on gum disease severity, amount of tartar/bacterial deposits, staining, root planning etc.

X-RAYS Small £10 Large OPT Scan £45

SILVER FILLINGS from £45-£125

PINS £10 per pin

POSTS from £65-£195

WHITE FILLINGS (Chairside) from £45-£185 (LAB made) from £325-£450

COMPOSITE BONDING between £150 to £250 per tooth

CROWNS (Completed) from £395-£650 Fees vary depending on procelain type, metal, Lab fees etc. (if metal free and most cosmetic and natural looking smile - £650)

GOLD INLAYS from £395-£450

PORCELAIN VENEERS from £450-£750 

EXTRACTIONS from £95-£185 per tooth depends on time, difficulty etc. (more for wisdom teeth of special difficulty)

DENTURES from £250-£750 per denture depends on materials, Lab work costs etc.

BRIDGES from £395-£495 per bridge unit depends on materials, Lab work costs etc.

MOUTH GUARDS from £65-£120 per mouthguard for contact sports

ROOT CANAL TREATMENTS from £350 (Front Teeth) – £495 (Posterior Molars) depends on the tooth, number of visits etc.

TOOTH WHITENTING from £350 to £650


FISSURE SEALANTS £20-30 per tooth usually four first molar teeth sealed total £120 for four teeth.

NOTE: It is impossible to give an accurate idea of all charges on this page, we strongly suggest you make an appointment and have a full dental examination.

We endeavor to offer our patients a quality service at an affordable price. We want our patients to STAY with us and attend for regular dental care.


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