We offer the latest technique for tooth whitening at Edgware Dental Practice. The procedure is completely pain-free, with no injections or drilling involved!

Custom-made soft plastic trays are made to fit your teeth. A tooth whitening kit is then given to you, which contains the bleaching agent. This agent is basically a special gel that is applied by you at home into the trays, which are then seated around your teeth.

This procedure is carried out daily for at least 6 hours (or overnight) and the whole process takes approximately 10-14 days to achieve a noticeably lighter shade of teeth, as you can see below.

Before TreatmentBefore Treatment After TreatmentAfter Treatment

Quick reference sheet for tooth whitening procedures

Before bed

  1. Brush your teeth thoroughly for 2 minutes with normal toothpaste
  2. Prepare your tray by placing a little whitening gel into each of the reservoirs
  3. Place the tray into the mouth and ensure that it is well seated
  4. Remove any excess bleaching material with a cotton roll or tissue
  5. Do not swallow any excess material
  6. Dab the front teeth dry on the front and at the back with a tissue.

On wakening

  1. Take the trays out and rinse mouth with water
  2. Brush with normal toothpaste
  3. Clean the trays in cool water
  4. Leave in open box to air dry during the day
  5. DO NOT drink tea, coffee, orange juice, red wine, eat any curries for at least one hour after application. It is ok to drink still water or milk

What to do next!

I am interested in having my teeth whitened using purpose made trays and home bleaching hydrogen peroxide kit.

I have read and understood all the advice, tips and frequently asked questions, I understand that should the dentist not be able to achieve a result to my satisfaction I could be referred for a session of power bleach at a specialist practice or the dentist will make alternative suggestions like veneers and crowns. All at extra cost.




Your dentist will get you to sign a form like above at your next appointment to check you have read and understood the instructions and what to expect.


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